POSB Invest Saver – Performance

I’ve started out my investing in Regular Saving Plan (RSP) with POSB Invest Saver few years ago during my uni-days before I started working. As I did not have much allowances, each month I’d invest $100 into it, inclusive of all the accumulated dividends received from NIKKO AM STI ETF (G3B). I did not bother to increase the amount after I landed my first job as I’m barely able to survive with my pay while trying to set aside cash for emergency use. Hence, it has been as it is till date.

In the back of my mind, I’ve always know of a huge payment that I’ll have to fork out in 1 to 2 years timeline, but I’ve never taken a serious look at it. Since the 2020 market crash, I have start to re-look at my current financial standing to be better prepared for upcoming economy downturn. I realised that the upcoming expense would deplete my entire emergency fund which I’ve to look at ways to increase my cash holding.

One of the option I’ve is to liquidate my investment to make up for the leftover gaps of my cash for the payment and I’m looking to start off with my NIKKO AM STI ETF (G3B) RSP. However, sadly, while I was hoping for my fund to cross $6,500, my invested value have since been brought back to the same value a year ago.

  • May 19 – $5,455.42
  • Jun 19 – $5,836.07
  • Jul 19 – $5927.80
  • Aug 19 – $5748.41
  • Sep 19 – $5784.83
  • Oct 19 – $6,119.67
  • Nov 19 – $6,224.81
  • Dec 19 – $6,338.11
  • Jan 20 – $6,269.88
  • Feb 20 – $6,350.69
  • Mar 20 – $5,268.62
  • Apr 20 – $5,438.63


So far, I’ve made a loss of $1,428.55. On the bright side, this is a really good time for Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) to bring down the overall cost price of 3.33 per shares and just two more months till the next dividend payout date.

One issue I have with POSB Invest Saver was that I was not an avid investor and a pretty lazy one as such that I did not know the actual amount and cost I’ve invested into the fund. Hence, the gains and losses are mainly calculated by the average cost price that I see on the portal, which is hugely inaccurate considering that portion of the investments are reinvested from the dividends.

For now, my plan would be to DCA downwards till break-even perhaps with the market before I decide to liquidate and try to look at something else instead.