Robo Portfolio – May 2020

In May, I’ve decided to liquidate my AutoWealth investment to conserve cash for my potential upcoming large purchases after the investment return to a gain of about $400~ excluding the management fees paid. As I’ll be dipping into an extremely large portion of my emergency savings, I will be slowing down on my investment to save up more cash, while still maintaining my investment rate on StashAway.


Global (2019) – 36% Risk

Capital: $11,500
Current Value: $13,040.29
Returns: $1,540.29

Global (2020) – 36% Risk

Capital: $12,000
Current Value: $13,165.05
Returns: $1,165.05

Income (2020) – 12% Risk

Capital: $12,000
Current Value: $12,210.80
Returns: $210.80


Risk Profile 4 (2019) – Liquidated

Capital: $11,000
Current Value: $11,473.56
Returns: $473.56 (excluding fees)


Very Aggressive (Cash)

Capital: $2,800
Current Value: $2,666
Returns: -$134


Total capital invested: $38,300
Total current value: $41,082.14
Total returns: $2,782.14

Past Performance

Portfolio – January 2020 – $28,564.79
Portfolio – February 2020 – $31,995.79
Portfolio – March 2020 – $35,722.46
Portfolio – April 2020 – $44,871.21
Portfolio – May 2020 – $41.082.14 (Liquidated AutoWealth)

In May, all of my StashAway portfolio have recovered, while Endowus remains underwater. I’ve liquidated my AutoWealth investment before the latest week rally which I could perhaps have an additional gain of $500, though I should not be too affected by it.

What I really dislike for Endowus is the long overhead for its recent re-optimisation that took several days during the high rally. In addition, the chart user experience is also lacking with the extremely large draw down shown. So far, I would still prefer StashAway display that make more sense.

Looking at my mid-year performance, I might not be able to reach my initial goal of $100,000 after the recent adjustment to be more steered towards cash-saving.

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