Robo Portfolio – April 2020

I’ve invested into StashAway and AutoWealth since 2019 and have added EndowUs earlier this year. Earlier this year, I’ve liquidated all shares accumulated via POEMS Share Builder Plan (Thankfully I did) and is currently moving all funds into the various Robo-Advisors portfolio slowly every month.

During the 2020 market crash, I have added additional one-month monthly invested value to StashAway in order to further DCA downwards. Earlier this year, I’ve created another 2020 portfolio to observe the difference for investing one-year apart, the result was interesting. For this, I will blog in another post, stay tune.


Global (2019) – 36% Risk

Capital: $11,000
Current Value: $11,548.10
Returns: $584.10

Global (2020) – 36% Risk

Capital: $10,000
Current Value: $10,233.71
Returns: $233.71

Income (2020) – 12% Risk

Capital: $10,500
Current Value: $10,152.40
Returns: -$347.60


Risk Profile 4 (2019)

Capital: $10,500
Current Value: $10,683
Returns: $183


Very Aggressive (Cash)

Capital: $2,600
Current Value: $2,218
Returns: -$382


Total capital invested: $44,600
Total current value: $44,871.21
Total returns: $271.21

Past Performance

Portfolio – January 2020 – $28,564.79
Portfolio – February 2020 – $31,995.79
Portfolio – March 2020 – $35,722.46
Portfolio – April 2020 – $44,871.21

Majority of my portfolios are still underwater, specially for investments that I’ve started earlier this year. Two main losses I had was from EndowUs’s Dimensional World Equity Fund and StashAway SGD Income Portfolio. It may probably take quite a long period of time to recover looking at the current market outlook.

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