Game Plan 2020

I’ve started out blogging earlier this year with my new year resolution set for year 2020. Many things have happened since then, who would have foresee a pandemic outbreak that forces most desk-bounded workers around the globe to start working from home and causes cross-border travelling to come to a halt. There goes all my holiday plans.

With the additional time that I’ve had being stuck at home, I’ve decide to re-ponder about the goals that I’ve set for myself and start to seriously look into what I truly wanted to do in the coming years. It’s been almost a year or two that I started to feel lost with where I’m going and my passion.

There is always a struggle between to maintain some online privacy and anonymity while having a place to pen all my thoughts and keep notes of important stuff that I’ve learnt throughout the years. As such, I’ve decided to be more open on my approach to this blog so I would enjoy myself while typing away from the keyboard. This will be a blog in combination of my finance thoughts where I work towards finance independence and a place where I pen down my technical notes for the time being till one day that I feel that both should be separated.

This year, I’ve set a few goals that I’d hope to achieve which are of the following:

  1. Invest $60,000 by end of the year funded by my salary/dividend/savings.
  2. Obtain a profession-related certification
  3. Obtain a certification of my own interest
  4. Completion of my masters programme
  5. Fulfill my professional membership studies requirement
  6. Get a life/join an interest group to expand on my social circle

A review on the progress, I’ve invested $27,000 by April, with a interest-related certification obtained. Most are on track except for that I’ve yet to get on with my profession-related certification studies and doubt covid-19 will ease anytime soon to get me out of my tiny room.

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